2018 debuterade jag med spänningsthrillern ”De Aderton”. Det kändes väldigt stort. Min mamma var bibliotekarie, hon var det så mycket att det till och med står på hennes gravsten. Hemma drev hon dessutom ett antikvariat där lagret flyttade in i bastun och böcker fyllde stora delar av nedervåningen. Att få skriva en egen bok med den bakgrunden känns därför särskilt angeläget och roligt. Tänk om hon fått läsa…

Ljudböckerna finns också på alla plattformar och med min röst som uppläsare.

2021 släpptes del två i denna trilogi, titeln är ”Trohetseden” och vi får följa Axel Sköld i hans fortsatta kamp i jakten på sanning och rättvisa. 

2023 är äntligen trilogin komplett. ”Den Sista Akten” är sista delen i historien där Axel Skölds kamp mot De Aderton måste avslutas. Men hur? Och till vilket pris?

Finns där böcker och ljudböcker finns, jag blir glad om du läser/lyssnar! 

Om De Aderton:

Published by Bookmark, November 6, 2018
Swedish title: DE ADERTON
Foreign sales: Otava (Finland), Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (Norway), Hr. Ferdinand/Politikens forlag (Denmark), Bastei-Lübbe (Germany), Era Media (Bulgaria)
”THE EIGHTEEN is one of the best examples of reviving the Scandinavian crime novel that we’ve read in a long time. In a superb manner, THE EIGHTEEN orchestrates and renews the genre’s best methods, in its portrayal of plot, characters and environments, and the writing is already in this debut on par with legends. For once, the pitch ”Stieg Larsson meets Dan brown” is not only a smart slogan, but an accurate and apt description. And Axel and Stina are two protagonists that we’re already eager to read more about.”
—Andrea Fehlauer, acquiring editor at Hr. Ferdinand/Politikens Forlag (Denmark)
”THE EIGHTEEN is a compulsively readable, intelligent and intricately-plotted thriller that delves into the darkest secrets of Swedish and international history. As an investigative journalist himself, Anton Berg really knows what he is writing about and has delivered an astoundingly assured debut that leaves the reader longing for a sequel. Totally unputdownable!”
—Antti Kasper, Acquiring Editor, Otava (Finland)
”I really enjoyed reading DE ADERTON. It is an intriguing thriller, very page turning. The story engaged me in what ”could have been true” situations, where some people would do anything for their own benefits and enrichments. I can absolutely see the comparisons to Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown.”
—Siren Marøy Myklebust, Acquiring Editor, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 
”THE EIGHTEEN is perfect for the reader who enjoys conspiracy theories, substantial research and books that demand a focus and interest in modern history, bewildering affairs and revelations that could appear to be true or the very least very believable.”
—Katrine Hamori in BTJ-häftet nr 23, 2018 (Swedish equivalent of Library Journal)
”The book breathes Stieg Larsson’s Millennium-trilogy and has the same momentum […] A genuine page-turner”
Dagens Industri (Swedish equivalent to Financial Times)
”An intense read. It’s as if THE EIGHTEEN was made to be adapted to a thrilling TV-drama”
—The Magazine Filter

“The combination of real events and facts mixed with fiction makes the story strong and exciting, and the reader’s interest is awakened and sustained. This book offered laughter, non-stop excitement, knowledge and a small tin-foil hat. Score 4,5 out of 5!” 
—The Book Journey

“The tempo is rapid, I swallow the conspiracy theories, the protagonists are sympathetic and the book is well written! As cliché as it may sound, this is a promising debut and I look forward to more books about Axel, Stina and the others!” 
—A Well Read Lady

“A very exciting thriller, well-written, thought out and believable […] The unique aspect of the book is the female characters, who I think the author has portrayed brilliantly. They are strong, independent and interesting. This book is a given Christmas gift this year.” 
—Bra Böcker Books

“An eerily realistic book. Remarkably well-written, exciting and believable […] THE EIGHTEEN is impossible to put down” 
—I min bokhylla (Literary blog)

“Fiction is intertwined with reality in a masterly and thrilling way, and it’s one of the aspects that make the book so good. I can truly recommend this book!” 
—Books ABC (Literary blog)

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